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La Koguta is, in a nutshell, a combination of French and Polish cuisine with the addition of British breakfast traditions, sprinkled with a pinch of exotic and oriental spice.
Our cockerel logo, inspired by Polish folklore, points to a strong foundation in the Polish culinary culture, which is our base. At the same time, the Galician Rooster (Coq Gaulois), which is the unofficial emblem of France, symbolises a reference to French cuisine.
The French female genus ‘La’ in our name is also there for a reason – La Koguta is made up of 4 women, including the creator and owner of the company, who has been living in Poland for almost 20 years, half French/half British – Sophie Evans.

Our office is located in Żoliborz, the preserves are cooked for you in our kitchen in Saska Kępa, and the juices are pressed in Warka – a village outside of Warsaw known for its vast fruit orchards.
We make every effort to ensure that the ‘La Koguta’ brand maintains the highest quality in all of our products, therefore we are very picky in selecting our suppliers.
We cook our jams and chutneys traditionally, only from natural ingredients, without artificial preservatives (the only preservative is sugar with the natural pectin in the fruit).
We press the juices from fresh Polish fruits picked in orchards near Warsaw, without adding sugar, water or preservatives – we offer 100% juice in a juice bottle.

La Koguta preserves and juices are the fruit of Sophie’s life full of travel and intercultural adventures, her family kitchen traditions and several years of experience in the catering industry.
Already in her early years, Sophie fell in love with cooking. Her grandmother from Provence, Mamie Yvette, owned a busy restaurant and hotel in the French Alps, and her aunt Mamie Na ran a brasserie in Paris.
Due to the nature of her parents’ work, Sophie spent almost her entire childhood moving to various countries, including such unusual and distant parts of the world as the Caribbean, West and South Africa and Central and South America.
This allowed her to broaden her culinary palette with original, exotic and sophisticated flavours.

Sophie followed her love for a man to Warsaw, which soon turned into love for the city. Here, she founded a catering company which served ceremonial banquets, intimate dinners, fashionable parties or artistic events in museums and galleries. Thanks to her activity in the catering industry, Sophie has had the opportunity to learn about Polish taste and the preferences of Polish palates from both sides of the table.
Inspired by new culinary discoveries, she created the unique La Koguta preserves, based on traditional recipes for Polish and French jams as well as British marmalades and chutneys, processed according to her own ideas, prepared mainly from local products, but enhanced with exotic accents and orientations learned in childhood.  

tel: +48 883 939 833
adres: ul. Sułkowskiego 15/2
01-601 Warszawa