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La KOGUTA preserves are handcrafted in our kitchen in the Warsaw district of Saska Kępa, according to original recipes inspired by traditional Polish and French jams as well as British marmalades. We have added sparkle to them with exotic fruit or oriental spice. Our preserves are made from fresh fruit and the occasional vegetable, natural ingredients, without any artificial preservatives.

Our jams and chutneys are 100% vegan and gluten – free.



FIG AND ORANGElk wycinanka gdziekupic

The floral sweetness of figs and their uneven structure are brought to life by pairing them with candied orange peel. This old fashioned jam naturally tastes like honey and children are very partial to it. We recommend it with: pancakes, yoghurt, any goat or mild creamy Brie cheese. On winter days a fantastic addition to a warming tea.

composition: orange 48%, dried fig 13%, lemon juice, sugar, water
expiry date 12 months

lk wycinanka gdziekupic

This item is a typical ‘British breakfast marmalade’, true marmalade is cooked from the peel and flesh of citrus fruits only. Our version has been jazzed up with tangy tart dried cranberries, married with bitter yet aromatic grapefruit peel. It is the perfect match for ‘viennoiserie’ style baked goods like croissants, brioche or a challah loaf. Perfect with even just a slice of wholemeal bread toasted and buttered and a cup of tea. Also good with creamy desserts and French chefs like grapefruit with fruits of the sea.

composition: pink grapefruit 25%, dried cranberries 10%, sugar, lemon juice, water
expiry date 12 months

lk wycinanka gdziekupic

Another British breakfast inspired specialty marmalade – balancing the fragrant sweetness of mandarin oranges with the delicate bitterness of grapefruit creates an exquisite and original citrus jam/marmalade. A bright preserve in the dead of winter it is delicious with anything dark or white chocolate, creamy vanilla desserts, topping a cake or a buttery croissant, toast etc….

composition: tangerine 25%, grapefruit, 12.5%, sugar, lemon juice, water
expiry date 12 months

lk wycinanka gdziekupic

As an exotic alternative to traditional summer strawberry jam, we recommend this original combination of Polish summer fruits. Jewel like astringent red currants and rhubarb sugar-coated to create a sweet- sour yet delicate preserve.
Please try it with crepes, sandwiched with white cheese, pancakes or on hot days as a base for a refreshing lemonade (mix with fresh squeezed lemon juice, ice and water).

composition: rhubarb 45%, red currant 5%, sugar, water
expiry date 12 months

lk wycinanka gdziekupic

Remarkably elegant, garnet coloured earthy beetroots roasted till richly sweet and then cooked again in fresh orange juice with fresh orange zest and oriental cinnamon. Based on an old fashioned recipe it is an original substitute for cranberry sauce. It is a sweet preserve, however it is an exciting addition to a roast duck or goose, served on the side or added to a wine gravy. Also delicious with many cheeses(we love it with Gorgonzola and cheddar), cold cuts and pâté.

composition: beetroot 32%, orange 14%, orange juice, lemon juice, sugar, cinnamon
expiry date 12 months

lk wycinanka gdziekupic

This item, which includes a Polish plum twisted with candied lemon peel, is simply a higher level of Polish old-fashioned plum-jam. It is a typical Polish taste enriched with a trip to the tropics. It is a perfect match for waffles with whipped cream, American pancakes, breakfast toast or as an addition to ice cream.

composition: plums 45%, lemon peel and lemon juice 3%, sugar, water
expiry date 12 months


lk wycinanka gdziekupic

In France we love strong sweet onions with roasted meat, paté and even Foie Gras. Fig jam is old friends with foie gras and goat cheese. Struck by crazy genius, 2-in-1 slogan inspiration and unafraid to break patterns, we decided to try mixing these alien cousins. Adding a generous pinch of black pepper and apple vinegar. Et voila! we are very ‘contentes’(Happy! in French) with the results of our experiment. Fragrant figs add intriguing delicacy to naturally sweet yet strong onions, this savoury preserve has a new dimension that is indescribable but definitely worth a try. We particularly love it with: pâté, foie-gras(though we do not approve of fat goose farms), liver, all roasted meats, grilled steaks, barbecue and any cheese.

composition: onion 48%, figs 7%, salt, pepper, apple vinegar, water, sugar, lemon juice
expiry date 12 months

APPLE AND HABANEROlk wycinanka gdziekupic

If this jam was a human being, it would be a bearded Pole on an all-inclusive holiday in Mexico. This absolute favorite for our online shoppers is constituted of fresh apples collected in orchards near Warsaw, thrown into a pot with extremely hot yet fruity habanero chili peppers, rounded off with the savoury sweetness of ordinary red peppers. We like to think of this jam as a more natural, yet sophisticated alternative to ketchup. This preserve will bring sweet floral kick of delicious heat to any number of different dishes – improvisation is strongly recommended… Please try it with everything, we especially like it with barbecue, grilled meats, sea-food, sausage, hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches, all cheeses and so on….

composition: apple 20%, red pepper 22%, chilli habanero 2%.
expiry date 12 months



The word ‘chutney’ originated in India, in Hindi ‘chatna’ means to lick or eat with appetite. Indian ‘chatnis’ made from chopped or crushed fruits, vegetables and spices, are served fresh or pickled as a condiment alongside other dishes. During colonial times the Raj’s wealth of spices was introduced to the Western tradition of making preserves, from the glut of summer fruits and vegetables. Modern European chutneys combine vegetables, fresh or dried fruit, spices, sugar and vinegar yielding a versatile savory condiment. Mango chutney is the best known example worldwide, maybe because in India mango it is the most commonly available fruit. We have adapted this to our reality with our abundance of luscious Polish apples and ultra-Polish beetroots. Traditionally chutney is eaten with cheese, cold meats or sandwiches.

BEETROOT CHUTNEYlk wycinanka gdziekupic

Here we have a chutney that is dark and rich with dates and beetroot. It is a sturdy flavoured condiment warmly spiced with fresh and dried ginger and black pepper. An ideal addition to meat, especially red meat(beef, lamb, duck, goose) and ham. It is at it’s best in a cold roast lamb or beef sandwich. A good partner for stronger cheeses like cheddar, even a blue cheese like roquefort. It can also take a plain old grilled cheese sandwich or a boring quiche to another level.

composition: beetroot 17%, fresh ginger, ground ginger, onion, apple, sugar, apple vinegar, dates, sultanas, salt, pepper
expiry date 12 months

APPLE CHUTNEYlk wycinanka gdziekupic

This chutney is of a golden caramel colour, lighter and more delicate than our beetroot chutney. It is based on an Indian mango chutney recipe, it marries apples(Polish mangos!) with fresh garlic cloves, fresh ginger root and the warmth of gently peppery brown mustard seeds. At home in a traditional thali( Indian meal consisting of six dishes, curry, rice, sauce etc). It makes a refined yet exotic centerpiece for a board of ripened cheeses or sophisticated cold cuts. Good with lighter meats like roast chicken or pork. Mixed with mayonnaise it makes an amazing dressing for a potato salad or a turkey sandwich. Also outstanding with barbecued meats or a more humble croque monsieur.

composition: apple 32%, onion, garlic, ginger, sultanas, sugar, black mustard seeds, apple vinegar, salt
expiry date 12 months
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